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Querétaro, Querétaro,

• Nestlé has invested more than 6,700 million pesos in the State of Querétaro over the last 18 months, speeding up innovation.
• Nestlé inaugurates the first Flexible Manufacturing Plant of its kind in the world, which allows Nestlé products to better fit the needs of Mexican consumers
• Nestlé inaugurates the Querétaro Open Innovation Application Group, which is part of the global network of “Nestlé Research & Development” centers, which invests more than US$2 billion a year in research and development.

Grupo Nestlé México, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, announced through its Executive President, Juan Carlos Marroquín Cuesta, its most recent investments in the State of Queretaro totaling over 6,700 million pesos, and inaugurated the Querétaro Open Innovation Application Group as well as the first Flexible Manufacturing Plant of its kind, accompanied by the Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa; the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Fishing and Food (SAGARPA), Alberto Cárdenas Jiménez; the General Manager of ProMéxico, Bruno Ferrari García de Alba; the Governor of the State of Querétaro, Francisco Garrido Patrón; the Municipal President of Querétaro, Javier Vázquez Ibarra; guest authorities, and Nestlé collaborators.
Accompanied by President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, Mr. Juan Carlos Marroquín Cuesta visited the Querétaro Open Innovation Application Group and the Flexible Manufacturing Plant touring the various cutting-edge technological premises, and stressed: “Since we arrived in Mexico in 1930, we have been highly interested in continuing our investments with a long-term vision, contributing to the development of forefront technologies to better meet the needs of Mexican consumers”.

With the investments made over the last 18 months, Grupo Nestlé México built the Flexible Manufacturing Plant and the Querétaro Open Innovation Application Group, which will enable it to accelerate its technological innovation. These investments add to the acquisition of the Gerber Baby Food Company and the construction of the liquid beverages plant.

With a presence of more than 60 years in the State of Querétaro, the company currently creates 983 direct jobs, more than 10,720 indirect jobs, and an annual economic impact of 3,704 million pesos in this state. Nestlé produces liquid beverages, including NESQUIK, CRUNCH, CARLOS V, NESFRAPPÉ and FITNESS, as well as GERBER baby food, CARNATION evaporated milk and LA LECHERA in Querétaro.

In this way, Nestlé Group reinforces its commitment to Mexico and the State of Querétaro, promoting employment, cutting-edge technological innovation and investment in the country to improve Mexicans’ nutrition, health and wellness.