Nestlé en Alianza del Pacífico comprometido en crear empleos

The 78 companies continue to promote youth employability and to provide more opportunities for young people entering the labor market
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Mexico City,

Under Nestlé’s leadership, the fourth Pacific Alliance Youth Summit took place for the first time in Mexico, bringing together 78 companies from the private sector, to reaffirm their commitment to youth by offering 35’000 job opportunities and training by end of 2020.

We are very proud and pleased to carry out the Pacific Alliance Youth Summit for the first time in Mexico and to welcome the representatives of the countries of the Pacific Alliance. With the fourth Pacific Alliance Youth Summit, we continue promoting dual education and the preparation of youth through improving their skills and abilities that will boost their labor competitiveness.

Laurent Freixe, Nestlé CEO for the Americas.

Laurent Freixe

With the presence of representatives from the Ministries of Labor and Education, Economy and Agriculture of Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, the Government of Switzerland, the International Labour Organization, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Iberoamerican Youth Organization and young people, the summit focused on the future of work, the skills needed for the XXI century, as well as the important role of agriculture as a catalyst for the economic and social development of the four countries.

Nestlé’s commitment with Mexico and the people is endorsed today with the fourth Pacific Alliance Youth Summit, a unique opportunity to join the effort of the Government of Mexico to provide youth with an opportunity to begin their professional life, improve their future and build a heritage. We are very satisfied that today 33 Mexican companies join our Alliance for YOUth of the Pacific Alliance for the first time.

Fausto Costa, CEO of Nestlé Mexico.

The fourth Pacific Alliance Youth Summit gives continuity to what was built during the summits of Lima, Santiago de Chile and Cali, where the foundations for the commitment of Nestlé and its allies with the young people of the region were confirmed.